LGBT families 2nd european meeting

Welcome. The second European Meeting of LGBT Families in Catalonia joins us together to share our experiences of father and motherhood.

We will be able to share what we do in our daily lives as well as the successes and shortcomings of our respective legislation laws on the protection of our children from LGBT families.

We are an engine of social change. .. We bring new values, such as, equality and respect for diversity, to the definition of the word ‘family’. It is precisely for this reason that such differences in European legalities regarding our families is unacceptable. . In Europe today there are children who have two legal mothers or fathers but there are also those couples who unfortunately have no recognized parentage. Furthermore although there are countries in Europe where LGBT families are largely accepted on a social level, ironically on a legal level, however they are continued to be defined by law as second class citizens.

We must say that homophobia still exists within Europe. But homophobia reduces with social awareness . The main objective of our meeting in Catalonia is to make our existence more visible to them. We invite you then to participate, contribute, reflect, grow, share and join with us to strengthen and give witness to us becoming more visible to the world. So what are you waiting for? Come and have a great time!


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