talking about positive parenting and constructing a constella(c)tion
one of the workshop’s aims was to establish a common ground of understanding about families in the european discourse. exploring ‘positive parenting’ as an approach that fosters mutual respect, full development potential and non-violence lead the way to a constellation of action and empowerment in 4 different key areas: positive parenting; equal protection by the law; public awareness raising; and [respect for] family diversity.
check out the presentation that was used as a conversation energizer!

our families’ olive tree
we were hoping to be able to create something to carry with us back home, besides good memories and saudades, to spread the word.
this would show to where each one of us and the group were standing. the imaginary image of a family was an olive tree, a living being that symbolizes resilience and resistance. and because «personal is political», we challenged ourselves to take a stand and speak out about our core-values, decisions&choices, material and immaterial patrimonies, and expectations towards families.
the result was amazing, empowering and totally unique. indeed “our families’ olive tree is made of resilience, resistance, and happiness” and you can admire it here!

getting legal
An overview of the legal issues affecting LGBTQI families and the transnational / mobility issues, our legal perspective workshop facilitated by Angelo. You can see the guiding lines and images here!

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